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Clockwork, Steam, and Flux Capacitors

A Chronicle of My Unbelievable Life

Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown
22 October 1920
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Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown A scientist with a doctorate in applied physics, Doc was born and raised in the small town of Hill Valley, California. He discovered the works of Jules Verne at the age of eleven and decided to devote his life to science. Doc turned out to be quite intelligent, graduating high school at fourteen and college at eighteen. He spent the first portion of his adult life working on inventions in hopes of changing the world, culminating in his accidental discovery of the key to time travel, the flux capacitor, when he was thirty-five.

Unfortunately, ten years later, Doc was kidnapped by one of the Fae and forced into amnesiac servitude, building steam and clockwork-powered creations and being slowly turned into a hybrid of man and machine. He served for twenty years under his Keeper before meeting a fellow captive from Hill Valley, Marty McFly. The two forged a friendship, and eventually attempted an escape together.

But instead of ending up back home – Doc ended up beyond the Rift and stuck in Chicago for a while. Currently, though, his main haunt is the Nexus.
A Mechanical Storm Doc had amazing magical powers with machines back in Arcadia, thanks to all the time he had spent there. The Rift ripped most of them away, but Doc retains the ability to temporarily fix things with random junk, cause minor damage to mechanical objects with just a touch, and temporarily vastly improve the operation of any device.

In return for his Fae magic, the Rift granted Doc the power to control the weather – either directly by command, or indirectly with his moods. In other words, piss him off at your own risk.
Universe And Timeline Doc is from a universe where all-powerful Faeries regularly come and abduct people to their home realm of Arcadia, forcing them to serve as slaves. Those who manage to escape come back deeply changed and warped – Doc himself has a mostly-metal skeleton and mechanical internal organs.

The last time Doc saw Hill Valley was in 1965. He never actually got to complete his designs, so the Hill Valley he comes from is the Twin Pines version seen at the very beginning of Back To The Future. No visits from Marty, no lightning bolts, no nothing. Though he kind of wishes there had been.
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Role-Play Journal for the community dear_multiverse (and formerly beyondtherift), maintained by docsgirl. Initial ideas can be credited to geno0823, who came up with the original BTTF/Changeling crossover -- I adapted my universe off that.